Leaked documents: Internet freedom in jeopardy


If the Trans Pacific Partnership goes through in its current form, you may no longer be able to receive this message.

Internet censorshipWikiLeaks has released documents detailing the TPP’s Internet censorship plan, currently being negotiated in secret by governments in service to their corporate backers.  It’s even more dangerous to internet freedom than critics anticipated. 

The leaked documents confirm that the TPP will ensure the Internet more censored, more policed, and a lot more expensive.  Experts say, “kids could be sent to jail for downloading,” whole families could be kicked off the Internet, and your internet service provider will be required to police your online activities, at great expense which will, of course, be passed along. 

It’s crunch time in the negotiations, as they try to ram through this extreme plan during their meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Open Media.ca is building a petition to urge heads of state to defend access to the Internet.

Wherever you are, please add your voice, here.


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